Hair & Scalp Care
In- salon Hair and Scalp Care

Diagnostic Camera
This complimentary service is part of our prescriptive consultation. It is a tiny digital camera that magnifies your scalp and hair up to 600 times and takes an image. This advanced technology helps your Changes Stylist to identify scalp health, hair shine and any damage to the mid-lengths and ends. We can then recommend the right products and Kérastase treatments for you to get your hair looking as healthy as it can be.

In-salon Treatments
Whether you are in a rush and have just 5 minutes or have time to properly treat yourself, we offer scalp treatments, express masques and prescriptive fusio dose instant treatments to soothe any scalp concerns and reveal the beauty within your hair. Personally mixed to your requirements Kérastase fusio dose treatments boost strength, provide moisture and nourishment, colour protection and increase resilience, density and vitality.

Hair and Scalp care at home

To enhance your in-salon experience and to help you re-create and maintain your style at home we offer a range of haircare styling products.

Changes stock the Kérastase brand, as a market leader in luxury professional haircare and a brand synonymous with innovation and development our stylists will advise you on the best products to suit your hair and scalp needs to re-create and maintain your style at home. This prescriptive approach enables you to get the best out of your hair’s natural beauty by offering colour protection, strengthening, moisture and nutrition and alleviating any scalp concerns.

Known for directional and cutting edge styling Sebastian’s range of products help you style and care for your hair at home. Changes stock the full range offering volumising products for fine, flat hair, shine products for hair that is dull and lacks shine, products with hold to create movement, bouncing curls or short textured looks, heat protection products as well as a variety of hairsprays.

Changes retail the ever popular and original ceramic heat styler for creating, a smooth finish, straightening and creating curls, sculptured waves and movement.

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